Sustainable development, as set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by Member States, provides a universal framework to be pursued by all Governments, businesses, civil society and individuals everywhere. It is the plan for our common future – for people, planet, prosperity and peace through partnership. Implementation of this agenda - in concert with other multilateral agreements on disaster risk, financing for development, climate change, migration and antimicrobial resistance - can be expected to have a dramatic impact on people’s abilities to be healthy and to access care in case of illness. This is a result of the connectedness of the 17 goals, though is explicitly set out in Goal 3 with its emphasis on universal health coverage,

As discussed above, WHO’s contribution to the SDGs should include: enabling all people everywhere to attain the highest possible standard of health; continuing attention to health’s economic, social, political and environmental determinants; completing the unfinished work for the Millennium Development Goals; addressing the growing challenge non-communicable diseases; and ensuring universal access to effective health services, medicines, technologies and financial protection.