I have extensive experience from work within communities in South East Asia, East Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. I have led a range of health and development initiatives, always analyzing them from the perspective of their impact on the well-being of people, their households and their territories. I know the major organizations and players in global health, and have worked with many of them since their foundation. I have worked in senior positions within WHO and have experience of transforming work on outbreaks and emergencies. I offer a safe pair of hands in crises and am effective at bringing different actors together so they work in synergy. I have developed the ability to work with world leaders in fostering partnerships and collaborative environments through which diverse interests and actors come together in pursuit of common goals and measure their achievements. I enjoy that aspect of my work very much indeed.

My leadership within WHO has included roles on malaria control, environmental health, health emergencies and the office of a previous Director-General. I understand the challenges of managing transformation in WHO and know that success calls for working effectively across all levels and elements of the organization in ways that enable all to contribute effectively. I have senior management experience within a major donor government and understand the world of bilateral development agencies. As an adviser to successive Secretaries-General I have become familiar with many aspects of the UN system and ways in which it can contribute to advancing personal, community, national and international health. One of my main responsibilities over the past year has been to work with the heads of all the entities in the UN system as they work together for the sustainable development goals and act on climate change. As Director-General, I will build on these relationships and seek to increase the extent to which the entire UN system focuses on people’s health.