The Sustainable Development Goals: A Prescription for the Health of All People and the Planet
The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is universal and encourages equitable growth. It includes 17 interconnected sustainable development goals to be pursued through integrated action with a particular focus on the wellbeing of communities. The successful implementation of actions that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, in ways that are inclusive and leave no-one behind, will have a massive impact on people’s health everywhere. It offers an unprecedented opportunity for the global health community to ensure a healthier future for all. WHO has a key role to play.
Why Universal Health Coverage and Functioning Health Systems are so Important
Universal Health Coverage (UHC)is based on two key ideas:
1) Everyone, everywhere, has access to the services needed to protect, improve and maintain their health.
2) No-one should suffer adverse financial consequences when they need to seek care.

Almost no country can boast that both of these conditions have been achieved for their entire population. UHC is therefore a journey of progressive realisation.
My Journey in International Health
I have always viewed a career in medicine as an absolute privilege. It is a profession that offers the ultimate satisfaction – being able to help someone who is ill to recover and get back to living a life.